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Well-Equipped Facilities at San Diego's Congregation Beth Israel

Elliot Feuerstein

A San Diego-area commercial real estate developer for more than 40 years, Elliot Feuerstein is the managing officer of Mesa Shopping Centers East and Mira Mesa Shopping Center West. With a reputation for being a dedicated civic leader and philanthropist, Elliot Feuerstein served as a campaign co-chair of Congregation Beth Israel synagogue’s building committee.

Congregation Beth Israel constructed a new synagogue campus in San Diego’s Golden Triangle area in the fall of 2001. The facility features five buildings spread over a three-acre property. The style of the architecture, from the courtyards and gardens to the grand entry staircase, recalls the visual imagery of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The largest building in the new Congregation Beth Israel complex is the Glickman-Galinson Sanctuary and the adjacent David and Dorothea Garfield Social Hall. With capacity for 500 people, the sanctuary is adorned with stone from Jerusalem as well as ark doors and Biblically themed windows. The social hall seats 300 people, with a capacity for a total of 1,000 when the sanctuary and social hall are used together. The building also houses the Krichman Family Memorial Area, a commercial kitchen, and the Glazer gift shop.

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