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The Jewish Teen Foundation Trains Young Philanthropists

Elliot Feuerstein

Elliot Feuerstein is a commercial real estate developer in San Diego, CA. There, he serves as a managing officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Centers. Aside from his professional endeavors, Elliot Feuerstein once served as a board member for the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego.

For over 50 years, the Jewish Community Foundation in San Diego has helped link charitable organizations with philanthropically minded partners. Each year, the foundation facilitates the administration of grants to worthy organizations in San Diego and abroad. The Jewish Community Foundation aims to equip future generations with the ability to create a legacy of philanthropy.

To that end, the Jewish Teen Foundation was developed to educate Jewish high school students from the region about community needs and nonprofit organizations. A cohort of students is selected each year to develop professional and leadership skills that apply Jewish values of charity, justice, work, service, and acts of love. Students are taught how to explore strategies and techniques that contribute to effective philanthropy.
In order to apply the skills they are learning, each cohort is given $5,000 as a startup grant. They then use that money to raise additional funds with the ultimate goal of awarding grants to organizations that support their chosen mission. At the end of the program, the cohorts celebrate their work through a community check presentation ceremony. At the ceremony, the cohorts award grants and share the reasons as to why they support their chosen organizations. Cohorts over the years have supported causes, such as eradicating homelessness, mental health awareness and support for teens and military personnel, and human rights efforts.

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