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San Diego Jewish Community Foundation Announces Impact Investing Pool

Elliot Feuerstein

A longtime member of the San Diego community, real estate developer Elliot Feuerstein contributed to the creation of multiple shopping centers around the city. Actively involved in the San Diego Jewish community, Elliot Feuerstein is a former board member of the Jewish Community Foundation.

Recently, the Jewish Community Foundation announced the start of its Impact Investing Pool. “Impact investing” is investing money into companies committed to solving social problems. Impact investing represents a different approach to philanthropy and has become common in cities with a strong technology culture.
The Jewish Community Foundation’s Impact Investing Pool is identifying established companies that are actively addressing social problems. The decision to create this investment fund reflects the foundation’s commitment to the desires of younger members who want to take a creative approach to investing. Because the Impact Investing Pool is a donor-advised fund, the pool takes the input of its investors very seriously.

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