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Interfaith Center for Worker Justice Unites Clergy

Elliot Feuerstein

Experienced real estate developer Elliot Feuerstein manages four shopping centers in the San Diego, CA, area. Elliot Feuerstein is a supporter of several community organizations and initiatives, including the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice of San Diego County (ICWJ).

ICWJ is an umbrella organization for clergy from different faiths to join together and work for social and economic justice for the poor and marginalized. A central tenet of ICWJ is that people have the right to productive employment and a living wage to guarantee a decent standard of living and maintain dignity.
In addition to job opportunities, ICWJ believes that people have the right to essentials such as healthcare, unemployment compensation, disability insurance, family leave, vacation time, and safe working conditions. These benefits ensure that community members are valued.
ICWJ works to educate and mobilize religious leaders to fight for a just economy and society. Learn more about the center’s work at

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