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BSA Launches New "Scout Me In" Initiative

Elliot Feuerstein

An accomplished commercial real estate professional with more than four decades of experience in the field, Elliot Feuerstein serves as an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center in San Diego, CA. Outside of his work life Elliot Feuerstein supports a number of worthy causes, including the Boy Scouts of America.

Last May, the Boy Scouts of America rolled out a new inclusion program, “Scout Me In,” aimed at making scouting accessible to children of all backgrounds by giving a view of the programs from the perspective of the children who participate. Rather than simply offering a look from the outside at the children taking part in certain activities, “Scout Me In” seeks to tap into the enthusiasm of scouts who have lived these experiences--such as fishing, camping, or canoeing--as a tool to encourage new membership.
The program also piggybacks onto the BSA’s recent landmark decision to allow girls into all scouting programs. Through “Scout Me In” the organization hopes to communicate a message of inclusion for all children.

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